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Metallic Nails is the first Australian distributor of the Trendy Nail Wraps product range, straight from the USA.

The TNW range comes in two cuts:

Professional Cut
Perfect for artificial nails, cut to fit the c-line they also work as stylish singles.

Get Nailed
Great for natural and manicured finger and toe nails. Bring that extra style to any outfit.

Trendy Nail Wraps (TNW) is a spankin’ new, cutting edge invention for designing stylish, eye catching nails. TNW allows you to choose from a myriad of creative designs. This provides you and your client access to the up and coming, ‘trendy’, fashion forward designs you’ll both love. TNW partners with any acrylic or gel system for an amazing finish.

Just apply TNW underneath your acrylic/gel for a super fast and simple application that reflects a detailed and time consuming process. This ensures a long lasting, scratch, fade and chip proof nails. Faster, easier and more affordable than any competing products on the market!

Once you try the TNW design application you will fall head over nails and be hooked! Keep watching for new designs released monthly.

Check out the video from their London launch below: 

Who are Metallic Nails?

Metallic Nails is a youthful Australian operated organisation that specialises in delivering high quality, stylish and modern Nail Art solutions. Our key product is the Trendy Nails Unlimited (TNU) range. A brand-new way to design stylish and eye-catching nails.

The TNU product is a pre-printed designer nail overlay, that can be applied to artificial and real nails, both finger and toes. This process offers complex, consistent designs, time after time and metallic effects unachievable through traditional nail products. There are currently close to 100 designs available with new designs released monthly and custom designs available. Take a look at our designs here.

TNU was created by Nickole Orton after many years of thought and trial put into new ways of designing stylish nails. Traditionally, Nail Technicians could spend hours creating Nail Designs by hand, with varied results. Consistency was rare, the process was time consuming, complexity was hard, and finding staff who can deliver is even harder – there had to be a better way.

In 2008, Trendy Nails Unlimited range was born. TNU has grown from a small idea in the US to become a worldwide global nail design company. The range is sold in the USA, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Brazil, Japan, Kuwait, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Israel, Canada and many more.

Our Stunning Designs

As already mentioned, there are close to 100 designs currently available with new designs coming out monthly. The designs come in a broad range of colours and patterns, many with intricate art work or metallic finishes that would just not be possible with traditional products and tools.

The intricate designs draw the eye instantly, as this is something most people have never seen on a nail. After your first dozen or so sets, you will see a new stream of clients come through your doors as previous applications will come up over and over again in your clients conversations.

Metallic Finishes are the second aspect of the design that is new, unique and unattainable with traditional products. If you take a look under the metallic tab you will see a number of designs that are either completely metallic or have metallic elements added to the design. These will usually come in the forms of gold or silver weaved through the design. The effects of this are different to standard glitters used in traditional products. With a distinct chrome or gold finish that is highly reflective and eye catching.

Unfortunately this effect is difficult to reflect through a computer design. And when submitting our designs to the manufacturer, a grey or matt gold is used in the artwork and replaced with the quality metallic finish during production.

Click here to see all our designs.

Or download our design sheet here to show your clients.

If you have any queries about the look of a design beyond what is displayed on the website, please contact our friendly customer service team.

Who can use?

We recommend TNU be used by Nail Professionals, but since there is no specific equipment required beyond a hair dryer and gel or acrylic application products, it is possible to apply the wraps from home. But we must stress, you do this at your own risk.

Starter Kit or Training?

No. Unlike other companies, we believe in the simplistic and intuitive design of the TNU range. The product is so easy to apply, and can be done with your existing equipment that we don’t believe it would be a wise business move to cut in to the margins of our clients by charging for expensive training, equipment, or bulk contracts.
You can access our free online information on how to apply the products (more on this below). Purchase a single sheet and within a few days, be working on your first application. No waiting lists, qualification processes or hidden expenses.

Of course, if you are interested in a wholesale contract or bulk purchases, we are able to offer discounts and special agreements with our salon partners (see wholesale information below). But we want to make sure you can trial the product and see the results for yourselves for as little risk as possible.

How do I use the product?

The TNU range is a flexible product, and can be applied in a number of different ways. We have attached step by step instructions for each of the cuts that can be found here.

How to Use Instructions

How to Remove

Removing TNU wraps is very simple. The best way is to apply heat to the wrap to re-activate the adhesive and simply peel off. This can be done with a hair dryer, a heat lamp or warm water. Make sure to continually apply the heat while removing because if you forcefully remove the wrap without the heat activation, it may cause some of the adhesive to stick to the nail. This is not an issues, but will require a soak in warm water or acetone to remove.

There may be some leftovers after the removal, which can be handled with a small application of alcohol or acetone.

Applying acetone directly will also work, but will end up damaging the nail by removing some of the top layers.

How to Buy

You can buy directly from our website www.metallicnails.com.au

To buy, first browse through our designs by clicking the all designs tab, you can then browse by colour by selecting a colour from the right side of the page. If you see a design you like, simply click on the design to enter into the product page, select the style of cut you want form the drop down menu on the left (Professional Cut, Get Nailed or Foot Fetish) and click the “Add to Cart” button.

Once you have added all your designs and cuts to your shopping cart, select the check out button on the top right of the site, enter your shipping and payment information and submit.

Your designs will then be shipped out the next business day.

Shipping Conditions

Shipping details can be found on the shipping page.

Australian Shipping:

Shipping of $7.95 applies to all orders under $99. Shipping can be selected via either Express or Registered post.

Shipping can take up to 7-10 business days, but is usually much quicker (2-3). On the off chance we don’t have your particular design in stock, we can organise for the designs in stock to be shipped, followed by the designs out of stock 10-15 business days after point of purchase (shipping charges may apply), or we can ship the whole batch in one 10-15 days after point of order.

FREE SHIPPING for ALL ORDERS OVER $99. This also applies to the bulk purchases below!

Note: This offer may not apply to ongoing wholesale contracts depending on the individual agreement.

You may also wish to purchase insurance on your shipping. If so, please state in the comments section. Insurance is only available on registered post purchases and will come at the cost of the buyer – an additional invoice will be sent out once insurance costs are worked out.

International Shipping

For international shipping, a cost of $24.95 AUD applies for orders under $99 and $34.95 for orders over $99 AUD. All products are shipped out of Australia and all transactions are conducted in Australian Dollars (AUD).

International shipping is done via standard air shipping and make take between 1-3 weeks to arrive. For special express or registered international shipping options, please contact us at sales@metallicnails.com.au

For more information on shipping or anything else about Metallic Nails or Trendy Nails unlimited, please contact our friendly customer service team here.

Wholesale opportunities

We offer wholesale opportunities for our partners that are interested in setting up an ongoing agreement or purchasing in bulk.

If you wish to make a bulk purchase and want to take advantage of our discount, simply enter the discount code “wholesale” in the last page of checkout to receive a 20% discount.

The discount code will work on orders of $500 AUD or more. This equals a minimum of $100 off your purchase!! Bringing the cost of each sheet to below $10 for all designs!

Plus, bulk purchases will still take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING offer below.

For ongoing agreements, we are able to create offers that will discount further than the above price. These will be negotiated on a case by case basis and will depend on volume and number of orders. Please contact our customer service team for more information.

Now go Get Trendy!

Click here for a printable pdf version of this page.




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