Questions & Answers

Do I need Training?

Training is not required as the application technique is a simple heat and smooth application, however there are resources available online to help you acquire the skills to create that professional finish, as well as product demonstrations and training days.

Do I need an infra red lamp?

Any heat source will enable you to activate the self adhesive backing , We recommend a travel hairdryer with a concentration nozzle as this is inexpensive convenient and is the perfect solution to quick and easy application.

What is the difference between Pre Cut French and Total Cover?

They are exactly the same product only pro cut has been pre designed with a smile line for the application on the tip or free edge to create a French style look, with an acrylic or gel overlay. Both products can be customized to suit your method of application.

Do I need to apply top coat to seal my design?

No top coat is required but you can use a overlay with gel or acrylic if you wish.  Good application and finishing by sealing the free edge with a glass file or soft buffer is the best way to get the most out of your wrap.

How long will wraps last?

On fingers as a natural nail overlay you should expect to get up to 5 days wear. On toes this can be considerably longer and be up to 4 weeks. For extended wear on fingers use pro cut nail wraps and overlay with gel or acrylic.

How do I remove my wraps?

Removal is very similar to application you just need to reapply heat to the wrap and gently ease it off the nail plate. (Do not rip as the strong adhesive could cause you to bring layers of nail with it) remove any sticky residue from the nail with an acetone based nail varnish remover, and finish as required.

Do I need to etch my wraps when using pre cut french?

If you are applying acrylic over your wrap there is no need to etch you wrap but if you are overlaying with gel it is recommend you use a white sanding block to remove the surface shine from the wrap and this will give better adhesion of gel to the wrap.

How can I stop my wraps form shrinking at the free edge?

Avoid over stretching the wrap during application, the wrap when cooled will revert back to it’s natural shape so when applying only use a heat and stroke method do not stretch.

How can I avoid creasing?

Heat the wrap to as hot a temperature as you can achieve without burning yourself or the client, this will activate the adhesive and make the product both malleable and pliable and easier to apply. Repeatedly heat and stroke to avoid wrinkles or lift and re apply this can be done several times until the desired result is achieved. The technique of application is simple and easy but does require some time and patience to achieve a professional looking result.

The wraps are too square to fit my rounded cuticle?

Customizing the wraps to shape is the best way to achieve a professional result, pre tailoring your shape is the easiest way to ensure a good fit. Perfecting with clippers and scissors once it is on the nail will achieve a flawless result.

Do I need to put glue on the free edge?

No trendy nail wraps have a strong self adhesive backing that is heat activated to ensure good adhesion just make sure they are heated and smoothed and finished with a glass file to seal in the free edge no extra glue is required.

Is there any recommended maintenance?

No once your client leaves the salon the wraps don't require any further maintenance.

How much should I charge for my trendy nail wraps?

The cost for your service is dependent on you area your type of salon etc. but make sure you are charging enough to cover the cost of the wraps your time and overheads. Total Cover wraps should be upwards of 20 dollars and pre cut french could be included in an acrylic or gel service for an additional 10-20 dollars or as a single nail from around 3 dollars. Remember that you get at least 2 full sets of nails out of a packet of single wraps with lots left over so they are a really cost effective solution to nail art.

Which tips can I use with the pre cut french wraps?

Pre cut french nail wraps are compatible with all nail tips but my personal favorite are well less natural tips with straight side wall they give a great competition looking finish.

Which gel or acrylic system works best with wrap?

Trendy nail wraps are compatible with all gels and acrylics for best results make sure that you have placed the product over the entire surface of the nail wrap and tip and have created strength in the structure of your nail application for best wear.

Can you apply trendy nail wraps to bitten nails?

You have to be able to file the edge of the wrap if you client has bitten nail recommend that they wear procut nail tips with acrylic or gel overlays.

Do I need any special kit?

Most of the stuff you need you should already have in your nail kit, files tips buffers etc. You need a heat source for this we recommend a travel hairdryer and an essential piece of kit is a sharp pair of scissors and cuticle clippers to create a clean finish and avoid frustration when blunt tools do not cut.

Can I re use my wraps?

No trendy nail wraps are a single use application but with lots of wraps in each packet you can get several application form one pack.

Which designs are most popular?

All the designs are popular and by mixing and matching you can create unique and individual designs for your client. Displaying pictures of wrapped nails or tips that your clients can see or try will give them an idea of how the wraps can look. While the designs are colorful and exciting in the packet it is the application of fingers and toes that really brings them to

Can my client remove their own wraps?

The removal method is simple but if you invite your client back for remove this will enable you to see how they have worn and gives you the opportunity to sell her another nail service.

How many wrap designs are there?

There are over one hundred trendy nail wrap designs, in both pro cut and get nailed. New ones are being introduce all the time to compliment the latest seasons and fashion trends. We have the ability to create any design that can be printed onto a wrap so if you have any great ideas of a wrap that you would like to see then I would love to hear about it.


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